Harvard FINALLY Backs Down, Pledges to Return $8.6 Million in Gov Aid It Didn’t Need

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- Harvard University has been embroiled in a battle with the president in recent days after it came to light that the Ivy League school received $8.6 million in aid from the government despite having an endowment worth more than $40 billion. After initially refusing to back down and return the money, the university has finally caved and has promised not to take the money.

President Donald Trump said during a press conference on Tuesday that he would insist the cash is returned. “Harvard is going to pay back the money and they shouldn’t be taking it,” he said.

Almost immediately after President Trump made the comments, Harvard was ready with an official press statement explaining why they believed they needed the cash. The prestigious university argued that the money would be used to help students directly, giving people financial support during these difficult times.

They did not, however, address the fact that they have vast sums of money available to them that could also be used to help students.

On Wednesday, they reversed course, releasing a statement on Twitter stating that they would not take the money after all.

“Harvard will not accept funds from the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund,” the tweet explained. “Like most colleges & universities, Harvard has been allocated funds as part of the CARES Act. Harvard did not apply for this support, nor has it requested, received, or accessed the funds.”

While true, it didn’t stop them from committing to use it!

In a second tweet, the university expressed concern about the “intense focus” from politicians and others on Harvard using the money. As a result, the statement said, the university “decided not to seek or accept the funds allocated to it by stature.”

We get it! Do they need to keep repeating it? The entire country knows the funds were allocated automatically, the issue is that they were keen to take the money in the first place. Harvard is so rich, and its endowment so huge, that many have criticized the school, suggesting it is a hedge fund disguised as a university.

Harvard said they will inform the Department of Education of the decision and “encourage the department to act swiftly to reallocate those resources.”

Trump really taught them a lesson! Perhaps this will serve as a warning to big businesses across the country who access funds that were meant for small companies struggling to get by.