Guy Who Captured Saddam Hussein Tells All

The former Delta Force Master Sergeant who helped capture Saddam Hussein in 2003 finally spoke publicly about it after 20 years of silence. Retired Army Master Sergeant Kevin Holland revealed details about the December 13, 2003 arrest of the Iraqi dictator during a recent appearance on “Danger Close” hosted by former Navy SEAL Jack Carr.

Special Operations Veteran Kevin Holland and Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler – Danger Close – YouTube

Holland, a 20-year vet who left the Navy SEALs in 1999 only to join the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta after the 9/11 attack, dismissed the claim from an Iraqi interpreter that Hussein was found praying when he was captured. Holland told Carr that the soldiers who found Hussein told him, “President Bush sends his regards.”

He described how the team received intelligence on Hussein’s hideout on a small farm that showed them exactly where he was holed up. The bunker was covered by “a big Styrofoam plug” with a pipe in it for air that was then covered with dirt, leaves, and sand. He said the team cleared away the debris, pulled up the plug, and tossed in a flash-bang grenade.

Holland said they heard someone speaking in Arabic, then hands came out of the hole followed by “a big bushy head of hair.” They grabbed hold of the man and yanked him out of the hole, “and it’s like, ‘That’s him,’” he added.

When they noticed that Hussein was holding a gun, a “Big Texan” hit him in the mouth knocking him down. Hussein’s gun, a fully automatic Glock-15, is now owned by former President George W. Bush, Holland said. Holland told Carr that Hussein attempted to negotiate with his captors, telling them in English that he was the Iraqi president and he was prepared to negotiate.

“And we’re like, ‘That time’s passed, brother,’” Holland added. Holland said Hussein had a “presence about him that was very unnerving,” adding “you could feel he was just an evil guy.”