Greta Thunberg Will Be CNN’s Coronavirus “Expert” in Town Hall Discussion

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- 17-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg has been chosen by CNN to appear as an “expert” on their coronavirus town hall discussion. Thunberg will appear alongside two former Obama administration officials.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, Greta Thunberg’s message has been effectively silenced. Now the world has a serious problem to face, politicians and the media are focusing solely on the pandemic and our response to it. CNN, being CNN, chose to bring Thunberg back into the political sphere and give her a chance to present herself as an expert on another topic that she isn’t actually an expert in.

Remember, not only is Thunberg just 17 years old, she isn’t a public policy official, she doesn’t have experience working with viruses or in a medical field, and she certainly isn’t a doctor. CNN has provided no information about what they believe qualifies Thunberg as an expert that is suited to their panel, and they probably won’t do.

The announcement was made on Wednesday or their “Coronavirus: Facts and Fears” discussion. Former Obama administration appointees Richard Besser (Centers for Disease Control Director) and Kathleen Sibelius (Human Services Secretary) will both appear alongside the unqualified young teenager. If they’re not offended, they probably should be.

The segment aired on Thursday at 8pm E.T. and was hosted By Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper. You can probably find an upload of it on the CNN website or on various social media platforms if you really want to see it, but I wouldn’t expect very much.

Lots of people were baffled by the appointment, by the way. It’s strikingly obvious that Thunberg is nowhere near as qualified (or even qualified at all) as the people she appeared alongside. Donald Trump Jr. picked up on it, too, tweeting, “Greta Thunberg having a remarkable career already in that as a teenager she’s now a world-renowned infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist AND a leading scientific voice when it comes to global climate policy.”

“Just wow so impressive,” he added.

Various conservative media outlets pointed out the insanity of the decision, too, but CNN refused to respond to requests for comment.