Greg Gutfeld Says White Leftists Should Resign From Their Jobs For “Justice”

( Popular Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said last week that it’s time for every white leftist to resign from their high-paying jobs in television, universities, and magazines in the name of justice.

It’s an important point that nobody seems to be acknowledging, and it took a Fox News funny man to point out the total hypocrisy…

In a monologue, Gutfeld recalled a number of examples of how high-profile Americans have called everything from comedy to holding politicians account “racist.” He described how Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot claimed it was racist for people to question her terrible record as mayor, and how her city is being overwhelmed with troubling violent crime and murder. He talked about how Robin DiAngelo, the university academic who wrote “White Fragility” called comedy “racist.”

He then asked why white people, like DiAngelo, don’t step down from their high paying or influential roles and allow Black Americans to step forward and take their positions. After all, wouldn’t that be true justice?

Wouldn’t that help resolve DiAngelo’s inherent anti-Black racism?

Gutfeld mocked extreme left-wingers, saying that every “lily-white leftist” who enjoys a comfy editorial position should “move on and fix your privilege.”


In the monologue, which you can watch here, Gutfeld encouraged high-paid lily-white liberals to go out there and enjoy the $15 minimum wage they are encouraging everybody else work for, and see how they’d like to be patronized by the media.

He added that if they don’t quit, then they’re the racists.

How true is that?