Graham Predicts If GOP Tries To Kick Out Trump, Half Of Party Will Leave

( On-again-off-again Trump supporter Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina predicted this week that if the Republican Party tries to kick out former President Donald Trump, then half of the party will simply…leave.

He’s almost certainly right on that one!

During a segment on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Senator Graham discussed the vote to remove Rep. Liz Cheney as the House Conference Chair – a vote that hadn’t happened at the time of the interview.

And in case you missed it – yes, Liz Cheney was officially removed as the House Conference Chair. No surprise there…

Graham disagreed with the idea that the Republican Party would be better off without former President Donald Trump, warning that if the party tried to remove him or stray from his Make America Great Again vision, then “half the people will leave.”

Graham described how former House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney was trying to make the argument that the Republican Party would be “better off without Donald Trump” and that he’s somehow “disqualified” from being a member of the Republican Party.

Cheney has said as much on several occasions, even during press conferences alongside Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and even claimed that Trump was pushing a “BIG LIE” when he talks about evidence of election fraud.

Graham insisted that it was wrong for Cheney to claim that Trump doesn’t belong in the party and shouldn’t be allowed to run for office again.

“And I think most House Republicans disagree,” Graham added. “So when you’re a leader, and people lose confidence in you, you can be fired. And that’s what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

And it did. On Wednesday, Republicans voted to remove the controversial Republican from her leadership position in the party.

“If you try to drive [Trump] out of the Republican Party, half the people will leave,” Graham added. “It doesn’t mean you can’t criticize the president. It means the Republican party cannot go forward without President Trump being part of it.”