Governor Whitmer Cancels Her Pay Cut Promise After Just 5 Months

( Early on in the COVID pandemic, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer had pledged to give back a portion of her salary for as long as the pandemic lasted. Unsurprisingly, while she kept pandemic restrictions in place for over a year, Whitmer backed out of her pledge after only five months.

What a shock.

In April 2020, the hectoring Democrat governor made a great show of how she would “lead by example” and return 10 percent of her $159,300 annual salary to Michigan’s treasury for as long as the pandemic lasted.

In total, Gretchen only cut three checks totaling $4,917 over the course of five months. By September 2020, her pledge was all but forgotten.

Meanwhile, her restrictions and mandates on the citizens of Michigan kept on going.

For fifteen months, Whitmer required masking and limited indoor gatherings. But she kept her full salary for ten of those fifteen months.

“Lead by example.” That’s a laugh.

Whitmer also had a habit of not leading by example when it came to following her own draconian COVID restrictions.

She, like many other Democrat leaders across the country, was caught on several occasions violating her COVID rules, including traveling out of state at a time when she barred Michiganders from traveling out of state and attending events maskless while requiring Michiganders to wear masks.

And like disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, Whitmer also ordered COVID-positive senior citizens into nursing homes.

Her COVID missteps and scandals while enacting draconian restrictions on her state have led to a drop in popularity for Whitmer, who entered office in 2019.

By January of this year, only 40 percent of Michigan voters said they wanted Gretchen Whitmer reelected.

A poll released in early May found the Michigan Democrat was trailing one point behind a generic Republican challenger.