GOP Takes Congressional Lead In New Poll

Last week, Monmouth University released a poll that found a significant disconnect between voters and the issues the Democrat Party is pushing ahead of the upcoming midterm election.

Monmouth also noted that Joe Biden’s abysmal poll numbers among Independent voters on economic issues are “further dampening Democrats’ prospects” in the November election. Overall, Monmouth’s generic congressional vote shows Republicans 3 points ahead of Democrats, 47 percent to 44 percent.

According to Monmouth Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray, with the congressional map favoring Republicans, the Democrats will have to do more than “keep it close” if they want to hang on to their slim majority in the House. But the problem for Democrats, Murray explained, is that on the issues voters are most concerned about, Republicans are favored. When asked which issue is more important, 82 percent of respondents said inflation is “extremely” or “very important.”

Jobs came in fourth place with 68 percent. Unfortunately for the Democrats, Monmouth found that Joe Biden’s approval on inflation and jobs is poor, with only 30percent approving of his handling of inflation and 43 percent approving of his handling of jobs.

The only issue Democrats are running on this year is abortion. While 56 percent of respondents believe abortion is “extremely” or “very important,” Joe Biden’s approval rating on how he’s handling the issue is a measly 31 percent.

Monmouth polled Biden’s approval of 12 separate issues, and on only one of them, COVID, is Biden above water, with 50 percent approving of his handling of the COVID pandemic and 47percent disapproving.

Even the Democrats’ “protecting democracy” talking point isn’t winning voters over. When asked if they cared more about economic issues or “fundamental rights and democraticprocesses,”54 percent of respondents chose economic issues while only 38 percent chose the latter.