GOP Sets New Record In Fundraising Haul Under Kevin McCarthy

( House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced on Wednesday that he raised an off-election year record in fundraising last year. McCarthy’s fundraising efforts hauled in a staggering $72.4 million in 2021, breaking the previous off-year record McCarthy set just two years earlier.

In the final quarter of 2021, McCarthy secured $11.4 million in fundraising, making it the highest fourth-quarter fundraising of any off-election year.

In a statement on Wednesday, McCarthy noted that while House Democrats are retiring at a historic pace as we head into an election year, voters are “rallying behind our mission to retake the House.”

In 2021, the GOP’s digital fundraising generated significant grassroots support, McCarthy added, bringing in over 106,000 unique donors who contributed more than $6 million. And these weren’t big-money corporate backers either. The average donation size was just over $25.

McCarthy said his TV and digital campaign has “resonated with the base,” bringing in small-dollar donations and motivating more than 49,000 people to sign up for emails.

Much of the money raised by McCarthy last year has been distributed, with the National Republican Congressional Committee, the GOP House’s reelection arm, receiving $25.3 million from McCarthy’s record haul.

The Democrats hold the slimmest House majority in generations. With polling consistently showing two-thirds of voters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction coupled with President Biden’s cratering approval numbers and the rising dissatisfaction with Congressional Democrats, the November midterms are the Republicans to lose.

So far 26 House Democrats have already announced that they will not be seeking reelection this year, more than twice the number of retiring Republicans.