GOP Learns Trump’s MAGA Movement Is Strong Even Without Him

( A recent poll out of New Hampshire shows that Republican voters widely support the America First agenda on which Donald Trump ran in 2016 and do not want the party to pursue a different course.

Last week, a University of New Hampshire/Granite State poll found that the vast majority of New Hampshire Republicans, 65 percent, want the GOP to continue pursuing Trump’s America First agenda, regardless of whether Donald Trump runs or not while only 23 percent want the party to go in a different direction.

The poll reveals that while support for Trump may be waning, support for Trump’s policies remains widely popular, which may explain why New Hampshire Republicans appear to be coalescing behind another America First Republican, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

In a similar University of New Hampshire poll conducted in October 2021, a hypothetical primary match-up had Donald Trump beating Ron DeSantis 43 percent to 18 percent. But in last week’s survey, Trump and DeSantis were in a statistical dead-heat, with Republicans preferring DeSantis over Trump 39 percent to 37 percent.

Last week’s poll also presented hypothetical general election match-ups between Joe Biden and Trump and Joe Biden and DeSantis. Biden beat Trump by 7 points among New Hampshire voters, 50 percent to 43 percent. But DeSantis topped Biden by one point, 47 percent to Biden’s 46 percent.

And while 65 percent of New Hampshire Republicans want the GOP to maintain course with Trump’s America First agenda, only 30 percent of them want Donald Trump to run again in 2024. The vast majority, 69 percent, do not want Trump on the ballot in the next presidential election.

The poll found DeSantis also leading in net favorability among likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters. Of the 13 potential 2024 candidates listed, DeSantis has a net favorability of 66 percent. Trump comes in a distant second with 46 percent followed by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem with 35 percent. Former Vice President Mike Pence came in dead last with a net favorability of negative four.