GOP In Giant Lead Heading Into Midterms

( Yet another poll has just shown the Republicans with a huge advantage over Democrats in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. The survey, which was conducted by the Trafalgar Group on behalf of the Convention of States Action, showed how Republicans have 54.4% nationwide support in this year’s midterms, compared to the Democrats’ 41.9%.

It means that the GOP currently has a 12.5% lead over the Democrats overall, giving the party an excellent shot at taking back control of not just the House of Representatives by the United States Senate, too.

Should the Republicans take back control of Congress in less than a year’s time, it will effectively tie President Joe Biden’s hands and make it virtually impossible for him to pass any further extreme-left legislation through Congress. All he will have left will be Executive Orders.

The poll was taken between February 2 and 6, and you know it’s reliable because it was performed by The Trafalgar Group. The polling company was right about the 2016 election, and had some of the most accurate polling for the 2020 election too. According to poll tracker FiveThirtyEight, The Trafalgar Group also has an A- rating for accuracy.

Only 3.7% of voters said that they were undecided about who they were going to vote for in November, indicating that for many voters, it will take a great deal to change their minds before they go out to the polling booths.

Interestingly, the poll also showed that 46.1% of voters believe that the Republicans will “follow through on their promises to try to block or undo Biden’s policies and agenda” – indicating that Republican support is, at least in part, a backlash to President Joe Biden’s performance in the White house. Some 35% of respondents also said that they were confident that the Republicans would be able to block Joe Biden’s agenda.

Data like this should give President Joe Biden reason to stop, pause, and reassess. But he and his party are plowing ahead with their efforts to pass Build Back Better and so-called “voting rights” legislation before the midterms come around.