Google Unveils New “Pride” Feature For Search

( June is Pride Month, and you know what that means. Every business, corporation, Big Tech platform, and government agency is blasting out support for the LGBTQAI2S+ “community.”

But Google went the extra mile, going all-out to bedazzle its search engine with Pride-affiliated swag at the start of Pride Month.

For a while there, if a user included the word pride in a Google search, rainbow-colored confetti rains down the main search page while a parade of rainbow accessorized characters marched across the screen.

This no doubt came as a surprise to the unsuspecting person who does a Google search on “The Pride of the Yankees.”

Google must’ve run out of rainbow-colored confetti because that particular feature appears to have stopped.

Now, if a user types “Pride” into the search engine, Google’s main search results page features a sidebar from Wikipedia describing “gay pride.” Below that, “Rainbow Pride Gifts” are featured for sale, followed by suggested links to “Gay Pride Artists.”

Admittedly, Google always features a sidebar from Wikipedia no matter what someone searches for.

But a bedazzled Pride search screen should be expected from Google.

What is far more concerning, however, is the embrace of Pride Month by the US government. Every agency and every branch of the military rushed to promote Pride Month by raising the Pride flag and promoting the LGBT agenda.

The US Marine Corp tweeted an image based on the movie “Full Metal Jacket” that showed a Marine helmet with bullets stuck in the strap. Only this time, the bullets were rainbow-colored.

The US Embassy in Kuwait got itself into a bit of a controversy last week after tweeting its support for Pride Month. Homosexuality is illegal in Kuwait, and the Kuwaiti government was not amused.

From now until June 30, there will be no escaping the constant barrage of Pride-related messages and social media posts. It happens every year. And it isn’t going to stop anytime soon.