Google Employee Reveals Search Results Were Manipulated To Hurt Trump

( It was already evident that Google and other Big Tech giants were conspiring against former President Donald Trump, but a whistleblower from the search giant just revealed that Google was taking active steps to stop President Trump from receiving fair coverage on their platform.

Writing in his new book “Google Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Expose,” former Google employee Zach Vorhies revealed how YouTube and Google celebrated their regular efforts to smear former President Trump, and considered it a victory whenever they redirected users to content that didn’t favor Trump.

And it all started in the 2016 election, not 2020.

In the tweet above, Vorhies reveals exactly how search results were manipulated. It showed how people searching for information relating to Trump, James Comey, and the Russia investigation, were purposely presented with left-leaning media outlets and news reports that perpetuated that conspiracy theory that Trump colluded with Russia.

In another leaked document published in the tweet – labeled for internal use only – Google employees were directed to achieve the going of establishing a “single point of truth” for the definition of “news” on all Google products, meaning that any news outlets that didn’t agree with the mainstream narrative were purposely cut off and smeared as misinformation.

Remember when it was misinformation to say that the COVID-19 virus came from Wuhan?

Funny how times change, huh…

During an interview with The Epoch Times, Vorgies explained how Google’s algorithms were trained by people who had biases, meaning the system was always stacked against Republicans. He described how the algorithm was gradually trained to promote negative stories about President Trump by attaching them to old stories.

We knew they were doing it, and now we know how they were doing it.