Goldman Sachs Now Requires Vaccines

( Bad news for anybody who works for Goldman Sachs…or even does business with them. On Tuesday, the company issued a memo telling all employees and visitors at its United States offices will be required to be not just vaccinated against COVID-19, but to be fully vaccinated.

It means that anybody who wants to do business with the company in person may have to wait months until they can even walk into their offices, even though new data reveals that the COVID-19 vaccines don’t actually always stop people from spreading the virus.

As of Wednesday, the bank requires everybody in the office to also wear masks, even though everybody will be fully vaccinated. Furthermore, all employees will be required to take COVID-19 tests every single week as of September 7, even though they are fully vaccinated and wear masks all day.

It doesn’t sound like a great place to work, does it?

The move comes just a couple of months after Goldman Sachs demanded that its employees must disclose their vaccination status – a clear step towards determining who could and could not return to work. At the time, a memo said that registering vaccination status allowed their officers to “plan a safer return to the office for all of our people.”

Except the unvaccinated, of course…

According to Reuters, both Citigroup and Morgan Stanley have also announced similar requirements.

It remains unclear, however, what will happen to employees who do not wish to take the vaccine, or who would rather not share personal medical data with their employer. Let’s hope that it won’t lead to a massive round of redundancies.