Glenn Youngkin Calls For Gender “Neutral Bathrooms” On CNN Town Hall

At a recent Town Hall hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin advocated for more “gender-neutral restrooms” for public schools. Youngkin was taking questions from parents and students on the issue of education.

Loudoun County, Virginia, saw a skirt-wearing transgender male, who claimed to be “fluid,” rape a teenage girl in the school’s restroom, sparking a significant response that helped elect Governor Glenn Youngkin on a pro-parental rights wave.

When Youngkin was asked about school sports and toilet restrictions during his CNN town hall on Thursday night, Youngkin responded by advocating for the installation of additional gender-neutral facilities in public schools. This was a giant leap to the left.

This was despite his previous stance that athletes should compete against those of the same biological sex.

According to Youngkin, doing one’s best to make pupils comfortable is paramount. According to the Governor, having gender-neutral restrooms would allow individuals to use whatever restroom best suits their needs.

When pressed about his opposition to critical race theory-inspired curriculum, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, once again, kowtowed to the left on the matter of Virginia’s Civil War history.

As Richmond, Virginia, was the Confederate States of America’s capital during the American Civil War, Youngkin argued that the state’s history curriculum unfairly emphasized one or more of the many factors that led to the secession of the South and the conflict’s bloody conclusion.

Youngkin said that “the cause of the Civil War was slavery” will be explicitly taught in Virginia history textbooks for the first time.

“Teaching that fundamental concept was crucial,” Youngkin said at the CNN town hall. Virginia historical organizations have criticized Youngkin for permitting the vandalism of the burial of Confederate General AP Hill in Richmond. Hill was a crucial figure in the Confederacy’s last stand, and Youngkin has previously shown his support for removing monuments and memorials honoring him.

Paul Ryan, a pillar of the Republican establishment, has expressed his unwavering support for Youngkin’s hypothetical 2024 presidential run.

When polling was done in his home state of Virginia in early 2024, Youngkin was crushed by a 34-point margin by President Trump. Most Virginia voters (54%) also don’t think Governor Youngkin should run for president in 2024.