Ghislaine Maxwell’s Legal Team Request Friday Court Appearance

( Ghislaine Maxwell, the ultra-rich socialite confidante of dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, may appear in court as soon as Friday. Maxwell was recently arrested after months of speculation as to why the long-time associate of Epstein hadn’t been called in for questioning. Her legal representatives have reportedly asked a judge to schedule a court appearance for her on Friday.

Reuters reports that U.S. prosecutors said in a letter that Maxwell’s defense team would like a bail hearing on Friday, once written arguments for both sides in the case have been submitted. Maxwell was detailed without bail after she agreed to be moved to a New York prison.

The 58-year-old ultra-rich socialist was arrested in a luxury home in Bradford, New Hampshire, where she was laying low after returning to the United States from Paris in December.

A letter to Judge Alison Nathan sent on Sunday requested a July 10 bail hearing, which could see Maxwell either granted bail or left in prison while proceedings continue. Much speculation persists around Maxwell’s case and whether it is possible she may commit suicide like Epstein did, in an attempt to evade justice. This alone could be reason for the judge to deny bail, to ensure that Maxwell cannot flee the country or escape justice in a similar way.

The indictment against Maxwell was made public last week. She is believed to be facing charges of “helping Epstein to recruit, groom, and ultimately abuse” underage girls as young as 14. Maxwell has previously denied any involvement with such claims, claiming that the allegations made against her are “absolute rubbish.”

Maxwell isn’t likely to get off easy for this one. Epstein has long been known for his illegal activities and spent many years skirting around justice by employing some of the most expensive lawyers in the world. With Epstein dead, however, Maxwell could be the only way to find out more about what happened and who else might have been involved with Epstein’s crimes.

The British socialite will face several counts of conspiracy to entice minors to have illegal sex, transportation of minors, and conspiracy to transport minors – meaning it’s unlikely she’ll get off easy. But who knows what kind of deal she might ultimately be able to hash out in exchange for information?