GETTR CEO Jason Miller Says Trump Now Very Alarmed By Election Audit

( On Wednesday, One America News reporter John Hines spoke with former Trump spokesman and GETTR CEO Jason Miller about the ongoing audit in Arizona as well as the Democrats’ response to voter integrity laws.

Miller told Hines that he had spoken with President Trump that day about the Arizona audit, and Trump is very concerned about the number of questionable ballots found.

Hines also asked Miller about President Biden’s histrionic and angry Philadelphia speech railing against election integrity laws. Miller said he believes that Biden is panicking.

Watch the segment HERE.

Although the Maricopa County audit is still ongoing, the State Senate held a hearing on Thursday, July 15 where witnesses from Cyber Ninjas and cybersecurity group CyFIR testified on what they have discovered thus far and what additional materials they still require to ensure a complete audit of the voting results.

They revealed that thousands of ballots are either missing the required serial numbers or have unreadable serial numbers printed over a dark black ID box making it impossible to determine if a ballot was duplicated more than once.

CyFIR CEO Ben Cotton emphasized the critical need to review router and Splunk log data because of security issues — including, among other things, the election system breach that was reported by Maricopa County in November, as well as suspicious anonymous logons found at the system level that do not follow the pattern of normal Windows behavior.

Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber Ninjas revealed that, in analyzing paper ballots, calibration was off by an average of 1000% in some batches leading to bleed-through. Bleed-through could cause overvotes or inaccurate vote attribution.

While Maricopa County said that they used thick “VoteSecure” paper which limits bleed-through, Cyber Ninjas found a large number of ballots printed on very thin paper stock. Ballots printed on-demand at polling stations on election day have the worst calibration issues. In total more than 168,000 ballots were affected.

According to the auditors testimony, there are 74,243 mail-in ballots with no clear record of ever having been sent out. Additionally, 11,326 people who voted do not show up on the November 7 voter rolls, but are listed on the December 4 database. What’s more, 3,981 people who voted on November 3rd registered to vote after the October 15 deadline, which is a violation of state law. Approximately 18,000 people voted on November 3 that were subsequently removed from voter rolls.