Geraldo Rivera Changed His Name To Take Minority Reporter Job

( The National File cracked the Geraldo Rivera story wide open last week. The intrepid reporters discovered some juicy tidbits about the Fox News personality’s past from the unlikeliest of sources …

Geraldo’s 1991 memoir, “Exposing Myself.”

Like Al Capone’s vault, Geraldo was trying to keep his past hidden from view … by writing about it thirty years ago.

Here’s the scoop about Geraldo’s past that he was so desperate to hide that he admitted it himself.

Back in the day, Geraldo, who was born to a Puerto Rican father and Jewish mother, went by Gerry Riveria. But to fully embrace his Puerto Rican half, Gerry changed his name to make himself sound more ethnic. He dropped the “I,” added an “O,” pronounced the “G” like an “H,” and the rest is history.

The National File’s source for this explosive story, a guy named Geraldo Rivera, admitted that in the 1960s, Gerry joined “The Movement” – that hodgepodge of hippies, radicals, and Leftists who skittered around college campuses like an infestation of bed bugs. And to fully embrace the movement, Gerald changed his last name to Rivera because “Riviera” was his “slave name.”

His “slave name.” Yeah, he was a regular Malcolm X, this guy.

And why would he go to all that trouble? Why for a girl of course.

Geraldo wanted to win over a senorita named Carmen, so he adopted a radical persona in hopes she would sleep with him.

In other words, Geraldo Rivera was just as pretentious and affected in the 1960s as he is today.

But what really clinched his decision to fully embrace his half Puerto Rican self was cold hard cash. The local ABC affiliate in New York was looking for a Puerto Rican reporter to give the station a spice of diversity. So Gerry Rivera became Geraldo Rivera.

Of course, Gerry Riviera isn’t the only person to change his name to win over radicals and sound more exotic. A certain college student named Barry Soetoro did much the same thing.