General Milley Admits He Secretly Met With China, Which Is Treason

( General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shockingly admitted last week that he did secretly contact a Chinese Communist Party general and promised to alert the Chinese if the United States were planning on committing any military attacks during the Trump administration.

The shocking admission under normal circumstances should result in a resignation, but this time it didn’t.

Milley admitted that he contacted Li Zuochong, a move described by critics as treason.

President Donald Trump was not made aware of this secret phone call.

Milley said that he made the call on October 30, four days before the 2020 presidential election, and told the Chinese Communist Party official that they would be warned if an attack was being plotted by the United States. He then called the same official on January 8, just two days after the mostly peaceful Washington, D.C. protests that Democrats called a “terror attack.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Milley even reported called far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on January 8 to discuss to discuss seizing President Donald Trump’s ability to use nuclear weapons, 12 days before he was due to leave office. He then reportedly held a Pentagon meeting with military intelligence officials, including the directors of the CIA and NSA, to review the process of taking orders from the president.

They were literally plotting behind former President Donald Trump’s back even while he was the President of the United States.

Imagine the scandal if government officials did this to an incumbent Democrat.

Congressional Republicans have called for Milley to not only resign, but also for him to be court-martialed. It seems unlikely at this point that this will happen.