Gates Foundation Sent Millions To China Since COVID Outbreak

( The Gates Foundation has approved nearly one hundred grants to entities in China and the National Pulse is on the case. What troubles the National Pulse is that all these grants – amounting to tens of millions of dollars – were given after the COVID pandemic hit.

Over ninety-three grants totaling over $54 million have been sent to Chinese institutions, universities, and government departments since December 2019.

Included among the recipients are several universities along with China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Science and Technology. China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention has also received a grant.

In January of this year, Wuhan University received $127,650 from the Gates Foundation, which the National Pulse points out “routinely” collaborates with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In October, the Gates Foundation gave $150,000 to China Science and Technology Exchange Center for a project “to enhance China’s research and development contribution to global health and development by strengthening partnerships with the government, industry, and academia.”

China Agricultural University received a $300,000 grant in September for building “an enabling environment” to support China’s global health engagement.

Last year, the Gates Foundation also sent $300,000 to Tsinghua University for the establishment of a think tank. This think tank would focus on research and technical support “for vaccine ecosystem building suggestions.”

The National Pulse alleges that Tsinghua University has connections to the Chinese Communist Party. Then again, everything in China has connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

Zhejiang University received $120,000 from the Gates Foundation in May 2020 to help China increase its role in the GAVI –the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.

Also in May 2020, China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention received a Gates Foundation grant for $600,000 to prepare China for a pandemic.

In April 2020, CanSino Biologies, Inc. received $400,000 to develop coronavirus vaccines.

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences received a $170,410 grant from the Gates Foundation for the creation of a “China-Africa Ag Modernization Plan.” This plan aims to better leverage “China’s expertise to facilitate” African countries’ agricultural transformation.