Gas Stove Controversy Is About Something Else Entirely

In an op-ed at the Daily Wire, writer Ben Zeisloft suggests that the recent push to ban gas stoves could be part of a larger effort by the Left to regulate air quality.

Here’s What Bureaucratic Gaslighting Over Gas Stoves Is Really About | The Daily Wire

Zeisloft cites a December letter from Democrat Senators Cory Booker and other lawmakers calling on the Consumer Product Safety Commission to impose regulations on gas stoves over air pollution, arguing that minorities are “more likely to experience disproportionate air pollution.”

Booker, Beyer Lead Colleagues in Urging CPSC to Address Dangerous Indoor Air Pollutions Emitted by Gas Stoves (

The letter cites a debunked “study” from 2021 that claimed gas stoves increase the risk of childhood asthma. Zeisloft also cites an article from the World Economic Forum about the impact of indoor air pollution on global health.

Indoor air pollution: What causes it and how to tackle it | World Economic Forum (

In the article, the WEF claims stoves have been linked to respiratory infections, heart disease, cancer, and asthma which kill over 4 million people a year. He also links the World Economic Forum to the ESG movement and other initiatives that promote equity in the marketplace.

Zeisloft argues that the Biden administration shares a similar philosophy with the World Economic Forum. Like the WEF, the Biden administration seeks to manipulate outcomes in the marketplace through cooperation between governments and corporations.

He writes that the administration has partnered with the WEF through the First Movers Coalition, which is a “public-private partnership” designed to “commercialize clean technology through advance purchase commitments.”

Zeisloft noted that several Biden administration officials, along with several Democrat lawmakers attended this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland.

Representing the Biden administration at last week’s World Economic Forum were Climate Czar John Kerry, DNI Avril Haines, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who also met with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He in Zurich.

Also attending Davos were Democrat Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Chris Coons of Delaware. Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema also attended.

Zeisloft said Americans should keep in mind that compared to the WEF’s manipulations of the socio-economic future of the world, the banning of gas stoves “is a trivial matter.”