Franklin Graham Bashes Disney For Promoting Sin

( In a Facebook post over the weekend, Reverend Franklin Graham blasted Disney’s corporate leadership for letting the company’s morals sink into “the gutter.”

Graham told his 10 million Facebook followers that he supported Florida’s decision to revoke Disney’s special privileges, describing what happened at Disney as a “moral failure.”

Graham slapped Disney’s “corporate leadership” for abandoning Walt Disney’s “vision for wholesome entertainment” and his commitment to the family. Saying Disney’s morals today “are in the gutter,” Graham accused the company of flaunting sin while trying to “redefine” the family in a way that is contrary to “God’s original design.”

Graham accused “LGBTQ activists” of using corporations like Disney to “force their agenda on the public.” He warned other companies to reexamine what they are doing, noting that Disney went too far.

“The people of Florida have revolted,” Graham said, adding that Disney was now paying the price. He thanked God for Ron DeSantis’ “bold stand” and called for more leaders like the Florida governor. Then he asked God to bless both DeSantis and the Florida legislature.

Graham also noted that he recently held a fundraiser in Orlando for his charity Samaritan’s Purse where he urged families to avoid Disney when they visited the area.

Last Friday, Governor DeSantis signed the bill that revoked Disney’s special self-governing status.

During the signing event, the governor accused Disney of trying to “inject sexuality” into its programming content and said he wasn’t “comfortable having that type of agenda getting special treatment in my state.”

The Reedy Creek Improvement District was enacted in 1967 to attract Disney to the state. It gave the corporation near autonomy, effectively letting Disney run an independent government within Florida, including control over police and firefighters and infrastructure management at its properties.

Now Disney would fall under the governance of Orange and Osceola Counties in Florida.