Fox News Reports “Mind Control” Being Used On Americans

( Last week Microsoft Word rolled out a new feature that would allow users to not only check spelling and grammar but also check their document for “non-inclusive” words and phrases then offer suggested corrections.

Good grief, what a clown show.

Sure, it’s dippy and stupid. But just as Microsoft Word users can change the settings to turn off spell check or grammar check, they can change the settings to turn off the “non-inclusive” check as well.

But that didn’t stop one tech entrepreneur from going on Fox & Friends last Friday and calling the dippy and stupid move Orwellian and a “mechanism for mind control.”

Okay, that’s not in any way over the top and hyper-dramatic.

During the interview with Vivek Ramaswamy, host Brian Kilmeade noted the new feature and expressed disgust that 250 million Microsoft users will now be corrected if they don’t use “politically correct terms.”

In response, Ramaswamy said George Orwell was right that the way to control society is to control the language. He said Microsoft used to pursue “woke orthodoxy” behind the scenes, but now it’s out in the open.

Kilmeade offered one example of the “non-inclusive” check: the word “showgirl” gets flagged, and the word “dancer” is offered as the more inclusive correction.

Ramaswamy described this as “a mechanism of mind control” and another example of the power Big Tech has “to control the entire mind of a society.”

Not everything Ramaswamy said was so histrionic. His argument that Microsoft is including this “non-inclusive” check to advance a political agenda is indisputable. Only one side of the political spectrum is clutching its pearls over the possibility that someone somewhere might use the non-inclusive “showgirl.”

But Ramaswamy’s over-the-top claims do more harm than good. The response to the Left’s pearl-clutching should never be clutching your own string of pearls.

Who’s going to take anyone who calls this “mind control” seriously?

This is why people on the right tend to lose these cultural battles. Bleating about “mind control” is one sure way to get people to dismiss everything else you say.

Absurd nonsense like Microsoft’s “non-inclusive” check deserves mockery, not histrionics.

As Rush Limbaugh famously said, use absurdity to point out the absurd.