Fox News Releases Secret Footage From The Border Nobody Is Talking About

( Where would the American people be without the outstanding reporting from Fox News Channel’s Bill Melugin?

If not for Bill Melugin’s reporting on the crisis at the southern border, Americans never would have seen the drone footage of the thousands of Haitian illegals amassing in Del Rio, Texas last summer.

While the rest of the American corporate news media has ignored the crisis at the border as a way to protect the White House, Melugin and his crew have remained dogged in bringing the crisis to light.

Sunday morning, Melugin and his crew captured video of a mass of illegals being released by the Biden administration and placed in an office space in Brownsville, Texas. The illegals were not “unaccompanied minors” or families, but single, mostly adult men.

According to Melugin, the Trump-era Title 42 order requires that single adults be expelled from the country. But here they were getting transported and released within the United States.

Fox News reported that several of the migrants said they had crossed the border illegally that morning after paying cartel smugglers $2,000. These migrants also said they will ultimately be flying to other locations around the country, including Miami, Houston, and Atlanta.

According to Customs and Border Protection, none of its agents was involved in the release shown in Melugin’s footage. A source from Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the footage showed an ICE release.

Brownsville’s Office of Emergency Management said in a statement to Fox that with the assistance of FEMA, it was working to facilitate the transfer of these illegals to their final destination “by allowing them to use services to contact their families, NGOs, or a taxicab.”

Watch the Fox News report on Melugin’s exclusive story HERE.

On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told reporters that he doesn’t want the illegal immigration crisis imported into Florida. He said the state would hold accountable those who are instrumental in relocating illegals into Florida, even suggesting making them pay restitution for the cost to the state of Florida.

And on Tuesday, Florida joined a multi-state lawsuit against the Biden administration over its bypassing federal immigration law to allow illegal aliens to remain in the country. The lawsuit, led by Texas, includes Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alaska, and now Florida.