Fox News Host Reveals She Was Stalked

( Last week, Los Angeles County’s embattled District Attorney George Gascon announced that he is disbanding the unit in the DA’s office that notifies victims and their families about their assailant’s parole hearings.

The Parole Unit, made up of victim advocates and prosecutors in the DA’s office, will be disbanded at the end of the year.

This announcement comes after Gascon announced that prosecutors will be banned from attending parole hearings.

The upshot is that victims of violent crime will receive no advance notice that their assailant is up for parole and could likely be released.

Unsurprisingly, crime victims and their families are none too happy with the news.

Last week, during the Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” co-host Harris Faulkner blasted George Gascon for the move.

Faulkner, who was a stalking victim back when she worked for WDAF-TV in Kansas City more than 20 years ago, said the first thing her stalker did when he was released from jail was come looking for her.

She said if the authorities hadn’t notified her in advance that her stalker was getting out, she isn’t sure she would be here today.

Calling Gascon’s decision not to give victims a heads up “reprehensible,” Faulkner said it is a bad policy that is just one example of the pro-criminal slant of the justice system.

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