Fox Celebrates 25 Years With Tucker, Hannity, And More

( This week, Fox News will be celebrating twenty-five years on the air. To mark its quarter century, the cable news giant began airing promos over the weekend featuring the network’s top on-air personalities – including Sean Hannity, Brit Hume, Steve Doocy, Chris Wallace, Tucker Carlson, Maria Bartiromo, Harris Faulkner, Laura Ingraham, Bret Baier, and Martha MacCallum.

Fox will also run a special marking its 25th anniversary.

In the promo featuring Sean Hannity, who has been with Fox News since it launched, the highly-rated primetime host admits he never imagined that he would be on television. Hannity talks of how being a Fox host has “changed my life in every imaginable way.” He discusses his late father who died only six months after Hannity started at Fox News.

In his promo, Tucker Carlson, who began at Fox twelve years ago, said that what makes Fox dominate the ratings is that “Fox is different.” He explains that Fox News serves an audience that hasn’t been served by any of the other cable news channels. Without mentioning the network, Tucker shares his experience of being fired from MSNBC over low ratings. And despite this career blunder, Fox News hired him and kept promoting him and giving him chances. Tucker boasts that no network has a more loyal audience than Fox News.

Bret Baier, who began at Fox News twenty-three years ago, said in his promo that he was hired to be at Fox’s Atlanta Bureau, which, in reality, was his apartment “with a fax machine and a cell phone.” At the time, he had never heard of Fox News Channel, nor had anyone whom he was calling for stories. As a reporter early on, Baier would say “I’m from Fox News,” and the person he called would ask “The Simpsons’ network?”

Baier said that people would respond to him by saying Fox caters to a niche audience, which Baier remarks “turn out the niche was half the country.”

From “niche audience” to all-time ratings powerhouse in just twenty-five years.

Fox News’ 25th Anniversary is October 7.