Former NYT Writer Says the Paper is LIVING IN FEAR Of the Woke Mob

( Bari Weiss, the former opinion editor at the New York Times who hit headlines last month after she resigned, has come forward about how the far-left newspaper is living in fear of the woke mob. Weiss says that the New York Times is making editorial decisions that they know alienate “half of the country” and that the editorial staff are doing it over fears of being canceled or losing business.

Weiss resigned after James Bennet was forced to resign. The former Editorial Page editor ran an opinion piece by Senator Tom Cotton. Weiss said that the New York Times had allowed Twitter to become the ultimate editor of the paper, choosing which stories can and cannot be published based on hashtags and Twitter campaigns.

“My boss got fired for running an op-ed by a sitting U.S. senator,” Weiss said on Friday on Bill Maher’s show “Real Time.”

“Now, you might say that Tom Cotton is detestable, that you disagree with him, but I don’t want to live in a world where the views of half of the country can’t be heard in the paper of record. And that’s, I fear, where we’re headed.”

Weiss told Maher that writers and editors need a “level of bravery” as well as “thick skin and fearlessness” in order to do their jobs well, but that the newspaper is now “living in fear of an online mob.”

“All it takes is a dozen people to repeat a lie about you, that you’re a racist, that you’re a transphobe, that you’re a bigot, for that lie to become true and that’s extremely dangerous,” Weiss added.

What’s so fascinating about this story is that Weiss is not a Republican and she is not a conservative. She is, but most peoples’ definition, a leftist – and even she is recognizing the dark road that the New York Times is going down.

During the show, Weiss also said that the reason she published her resignation letter was to air her objection to the New York Times’ “growing culture of illiberalism.”

“Thomas and I, and you, Bill, we’re used to criticism,” Weiss said. “Criticism is kosher in the work that we do. Criticism’s great. What cancel culture is about is not criticism. It is about punishment. It is about making a person radioactive. It is about taking away their job, it’s not just about punishing the sinner, it’s not just about punishing the person for being insufficiently pure…It’s about a sort of secondary boycott of people who would deign to speak to that person or appear on a platform with that person.”

When leftists are saying this, you know things have gotten really bad. But will the New York Times wake up?