Former DOJ Officials Call For Attorney General William Barr To Resign

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- Attorney General William Barr has gotten a lot of flack from critics for some of his recent dealings and handlings of high-profile cases, but the Michael Flynn case is the straw that broke the camel’s back in the minds of many.
On Monday, it was revealed that almost 2,000 former officials with the Justice Department signed a letter calling for Barr to resign from his position. They believe the attorney general improperly intervened to drop criminal charges against Flynn, President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser.
Flynn, who on two different occasions pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI regarding contacts he made with a former Russian ambassador during Trump’s presidential transition period, recently switched legal teams in hopes to have his case thrown out. Last week, the DOJ did just that, dropping all charges against Flynn, who was originally set to be sentenced in February for his crimes.
While the DOJ filed to have the charges dropped, a federal judge had not yet responded as of Monday morning.
The majority of people who signed the letter were career officials in the Department of Justice. In their letter, they accused Barr of partnering with Trump in “political interference in the Department’s law enforcement decisions.”
The letter, organized by the Project Democracy group, reads in part:
“Attorney General Barr’s repeated actions to use the Department as a tool to further President Trump’s personal and political interests have undermined any claim to the deference that courts usually apply to the Department’s decisions about whether or not to prosecute a case.”
Speaking with CBS News, Barr said he wasn’t acting based on anything the president told him to do. Instead, he said he supported dropping Flynn’s charges based on the recommendation of Jeffrey Jensen, a U.S. attorney from the Eastern District of Missouri. Barr tasked Jensen with reviewing the conduct of the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn in January 2017 at the White House.
The court filing to drop the charges against Flynn — which was written by Timothy Shea, the U.S. attorney in D.C. — said Jensen’s review uncovered new evidence that rendered the Flynn investigation illegitimate when the interview was conducted.
One person who was cited in that report, though, is unhappy with how the DOJ was “twisting” her comments. The former acting assistant Attorney General for National Security, Mary McCord, wrote an op-ed in the Sunday New York Times saying she was cited “more than 25 times” in the DOJ report to dismiss Flynn’s charges. She further wrote:
“The report of my interview is no support for Mr. Barr’s dismissal of the Flynn case. It does not suggest that the F.B.I. had no counterintelligence reason for investigating Mr. Flynn. It does not suggest that the F.B.I.’s interview of Mr. Flynn — which led to the false-statements charge — was unlawful or unjustified.
“The report of my interview does not anywhere suggest that the F.B.I.’s interview of Mr. Flynn was unconstitutional, unlawful or not ‘tethered’ to any legitimate counterintelligence purpose.”