Fired Former Feinstein Staffer Entered into Senator’s Office, Smoked Blunt in Smoke-Filled Insurrection

( A staffer for Senator Dianne Feinstein who was fired in early February over repeated performance issues reportedly entered the US Capitol two weeks after his termination and filmed himself smoking a joint in Feinstein’s office.

He sounds like a peach, doesn’t he?

Jamarcus Purley worked for Senator Feinstein since February 2017 as a legislative correspondent. On February 8, he received a letter notifying him of his termination for “repeated failures to perform the duties” of his job.

Purley’s failures included missing meetings, not showing up to work or Zoom meetings, ignoring emails, and sending out letters to constituents without getting them reviewed in advance.

Then last week Purley posted a video on YouTube showing him smoking a joint in Feinstein’s office while dancing and jumping on the furniture. Purley also posted a now-deleted video on Instagram describing how he had entered Feinstein’s office after he was terminated and smoked a joint.

In short, the guy deserved to be fired.

In his Instagram post, Purley said he hated “this f*ckin country.” He took delight in how he was able to on a suit, wander into the Capitol, and smoke a joint in Feinstein’s office even though he had been fired two weeks earlier. He also made a point of bragging about attending Stanford, Oxford, and Harvard.

Then he accused Senator Feinstein of helping to “orchestrate” the invasion of Ukraine, claiming Feinstein’s office was pressured by defense contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin during her 2018 reelection campaign because of her age.

Purley posted the termination letter to Instagram, disputing the claims made against him, warning that he would “put this on repeat and protest” at all four of Senator Feinstein’s California offices until “Dianne get the f**k outta there.”

Jamarcus Purley can dispute his termination all he wants. But given his behavior post-termination, it seems pretty clear Senator Feinstein’s office made the right call.