Firearm Sales Hit RECORD Levels In August For Eighth Consecutive Month

( August 2020 was the eighth consecutive month of record background checks for gun sales in the United States, and it’s not hard to see why. As Portland, Oregon, enters its fourth month of nightly violence, more Americans than ever are purchasing legal guns to protect themselves and their family.

According to FBI figures, some 3,115,063 background checks were performed via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. That’s a lot, and it’s significantly more than the previous August record of 2,366,824.

Gee, I wonder why Americans suddenly want to protect themselves?

Conservative media outlets have been watching the numbers for some time, and Breitbart News noted recently that every month since January 2020, there have been new records. In January this year, more NICS checks were performed than any other January, and the same was true in every month following. People want legal guns, and for some reason, the Democrats think voters will turn to a candidate who has promised to put Beto O’Rourke in charge of gun laws.

Beto O’Rourke, the man who literally advocated a mandatory buy-back policy for legal gun owners all over the United States.

Not only are NICS checks continuously breaking records, however. The National Shooting Sports Foundation data shows that there were almost five million people buying guns for the first time in the United States between January 2020 and July 2020. That means people are buying additional guns, and millions of people are purchasing them for the first time.

While people arm themselves to protect their families from far-left rioters, however, President Donald Trump has called on his supporters to leave the riots down to law enforcement to handle. Which might be hard to do in the states where Democrats aren’t accepting support from the National Guard.

President Trump made the comments during an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News, stating unequivocally that people should avoid the rioting left-wing Democrats and protect their property rather than engaging with the rioters in the streets.