Feds Confirm Terrorist On American Soil

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Border Patrol agents in Yuma, Arizona, are doing their job even if the Biden administration would really rather they weren’t. Officials recently arrested a 21-year-old Saudi Arabian man who was caught illegally crossing the southern border into the United States last Thursday, and announced that the man is believed to be a positive match linked to a number of Yemeni people believed to be connected to terrorist activity.

Border Patrol confirmed that the men would quickly be expedited and sent back to his home country after being arrested near the County 8 ½ road. It’s a region that has recently been swamped with illegal border crossings, with people from all over the world choosing this region to make the final leg of their illegal trip to the United States.

This is precisely why former President Donald Trump was building a wall…

Anybody illegally crossing into the United States who is originally from Saudi Arabia is classified by Homeland Security as a “Special Interest Alien.” A Special Interest Alien is different from a Known or Suspected Terrorist, but the man who was arrested was considered to be a “potential terrorist” by officials who arrested him. It means that the man is likely considered to be a Known or Suspected Terrorist.

That means that the man is reasonably expected to either be engaged in terrorism, have engaged in terrorism, or intend to engage in terrorism while in the United States.

When will the Democrats admit that a porous southern border puts Americans at risk?

Thank goodness Border Patrol is still doing their job…