Federal ICE Agents Reveal D.C. Officials Prevented Arrest Of Criminal

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has publicly placed blame on Washington D.C., over their inability to detain a Mexican national who vandalized the Union Station building.

Speaking to the Washington Examiner, ICE confirmed that Geraldo Pando could not be taken into custody by immigration authorities after he was arrested by police for defacing the railway station building with swastikas. Pando has a long history of criminality, too, going back 15 years. He has also been deported four times.

He’s exactly the kind of person who needs to be deported, but in the District of Columbia, he is protected from immigration enforcement.

“ICE has not issued a detainer on Pando because the District of Columbia is a non-cooperative jurisdiction and the Washington D.C. jail is barred from honoring ICE detainers due to a federal District Court ruling, and city ordinance,” an ICE spokesperson said in an email.

An ICE detainer is a request sent to a local jail to hold somebody for up to 48 hours while they transfer them into ICE custody. In D.C., this is impossible, thanks to the policies of ruling Democrats.

D.C. is what is commonly known as a “sanctuary city.” It means that illegal aliens can live and work in the city without fear of being deported, no matter how many crimes they commit.

Pando, aged 34, was arrested on January 28 and was charged with defacing private and public property after being caught drawing Nazi symbols on the walls of the Union Station building, which is just a handful of blocks away from the United States Capitol building.