Federal Agents Reveal Why Suicides Are Up Among Border Patrol

As border agencies struggle under the weight of unprecedented illegal immigration, at least four CBP employees have died by suicide in the previous two weeks.

‘We Lost Our Purpose’: Border Patrol Sees Surge In Suicides As Morale Plummets | The Daily Caller

According to National Border Patrol Council Vice President At-Large Sergio Moreno, a member of the organization’s National Suicide Prevention Workforce, three Border Patrol agents committed suicide over two weeks, with the first two occurring in the Rio Grande Valley sector and the third happening in the El Paso sector on Sunday.

A CBP agent also killed himself on Sunday. The increase in suicides coincides with low morale among CBP employees and record illegal immigration brought on by many Biden administration border and immigration policies. The CIA hired Dr. Kent Corso, the first suicidologist, to take over in the first half of 2021due to increased agents killing themselves.

According to Moreno, who recently traveled with Corso to the Rio Grande Valley sector, where he spoke with agents about losing their colleagues, Corso is launching an investigation into the instances.

According to chats with “distraught” coworkers of the slain agents, Moreno claimed that “under the current administration, we are not allowed to fulfill the full functions of the Border Patrol, the enforcement part.”

Due to the Biden administration’s rollback of critical Trump-era immigration policies that aimed to discourage illegal immigration and increase deportations, CBP recorded more than 2.3 million interactions in the fiscal year 2022 and over 230,000 at the start of the fiscal year 2023.

According to Moreno, there is a clear connection between the rise in illegal immigration and suicides. Regarding the two agents who committed suicide in the Rio Grande Valley area, Moreno remarked that it is troubling that two individuals, dedicated Americans, fathers, patriots, law enforcement officers, coworkers, and colleagues, took their own life days apart from the same sector.

According to Moreno, CBP started monitoring suicides in the fiscal year 2007, and just two years later, suicides reached 14. An agent with the Border Patrol, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to do so, repeated the grievances Moreno claimed other agents had voiced.

The agents are under more strain due to having to release the illegal immigrants they formerly “followed and captured,” the agent told the DCNF. The spy claimed, “Since the Biden administration took power, we lost our purpose.”

We are aware of the long-term consequences this spike in illegal immigration will have on the nation. The country will be on a much larger scale than sanctuary states have. The spy said that our educational and healthcare systems will be destroyed by the lawlessness brought on by government-funded support programs.

The agent explained that in addition to a rise in suicides, there has also been a rise in domestic violence and alcohol misuse.