Federal Agencies Refuse To Protect Privacy Of Americans As Tensions Boil

(PresidentialInsider.com)- An incredible new report from CBS News just revealed how federal agencies have still not implemented even basic measures designed to protect Americans from cyberattacks, meaning the personal data of American citizens is still vulnerable and the White House has not made any instructions to relevant agencies to take action.

It comes after the United States was hit by a number of cyberattacks by Russian and Chinese hackers following President Joe Biden’s “election.” CBS revealed the contents of a 47-page report, which evaluated two years of reports from the inspector general and gave a C- grade to federal agencies for failing to meet the required standards.

Eight key federal agencies were included in the report, including the Department of State, Homeland Security, and the Social Security Administration. The agencies were audited and discovered to be using outdated and dangerous systems, using computers that don’t have the necessary security patches, and data including names and social security numbers were not being adequately protected.

It’s a Russian hacker’s dream.

The report also analyzed the safety of the systems used by the Housing and Urban Development Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Education, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Transportation. It found that all agencies didn’t comply with the statutory requirements relating to cybersecurity and the management and encryption of personal data.

Experts found 30,819 information security incidents across the entire federal government in 2020, which was an 8% increase over the last year.

So unless President Biden starts taking this seriously, Russian and Chinese hackers could soon be accessing virtually any information they consider beneficial to their disruption efforts.

You can read more shocking details in this report.