FEC Sends Warning To Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia’s firebrand Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s leadership PAC got slapped by the Federal Elections Commission last month for violating campaign finance laws. In its October 19 letter to Jason Boles, the treasurer of Greene’s leadership PAC, “Save America Stop Socialism,” the FEC said the PAC disclosed “impermissible, excessive, and prohibited contributions” in its July quarterly report submitted in early August.

202210190300155782.pdf (fec.gov)

It also said it found other financial filing discrepancies. According to the FEC, the PAC’s Schedule B form revealed that “Save America Stop Socialism” took a $5,800 contribution on April 13 even though contributions are not to exceed $5,000.

In addition to that, the FEC found that “Save America Stop Socialism” also made a $5,000contribution in June to the primary campaign for Ohio GOP House candidate J.R. Majewski about one month after the primary took place. This is a violation of federal regulations regarding “Contributions by persons other than multicandidate political committees,” the FEC wrote.

The FEC instructed the PAC to amend its original report “with clarifying information” if the “apparently excessive contribution in question” was either incompletely disclosed or incorrectly recorded.

If the contribution was correctly recorded and “Save America Stop Socialism” did receive a contribution that exceeded the limit, the FEC informed Jason Boles that he would have to issue a refund to the donor for the “excessive amount.” The FEC instructed Jason Boles to fix any filing errors, refund the individual who contributed the excessive contribution, and ask Majewski’s primary campaign to refund the $5,000 donation made in June.

The FEC gave the “Save America Stop Socialism” PAC until November 23 to respond to its letter, warning that failure to comply with the deadline would result in “enforcement action” against the PAC.