FBI Says White Supremacists Are Planning A Terrorist Attack

(PresidentialInsider.com)- FBI tapes have revealed that two members of a white supremacist group known as “The Base” were plotting terror attacks at a pro-Second Amendment rally hosted in Virginia. The tapes were obtained by ABC News and revealed how Brian Lemley and former Canadian Army reservist Patrik Matthews talked about killing Black people and police officers, as well as destroying critical infrastructure.

The recording of the pair was made in 2019 in Delaware. It showed how the two men believed that their actions could help bring down the U.S. government and start a racial civil war.

And what makes this difficult for Democrats to wrap their heads around is the fact that this happened during the Trump administration. White supremacists hate the former president for his allegiance to Israel and his refusal to accept their racist beliefs, and they were plotting to bring him down in the middle of his first administration.

The two men were sentenced last month by a Maryland judge to nine years in prison. A “terrorism” enhancement was applied to both of their sentences, and the judge said that they expressed “passion” and “virulence” to murder American lawmakers and take down the government.

In the recordings, they can be heard talking about needing to go back to the days of “decimating Blacks” and getting rid of them “where they stand.”

“If you see a bunch of Blacks sitting on some corner you f*cking shoot them,” one man said.

Lemley also said that even if they don’t win the race war, they would “still be satisfied with a defeat of the system” and whatever might come in its place.

It turns out white supremacists do in fact exist, and they hate Republicans. Where is Joy Reid on this story?