FBI Reveals Shooter Fantasized About Mass Killings For Years

(PresidentialInsider.com)- The FBI has concluded its investigation into a 2019 shooting in Dayton, Ohio, that killed two people, and the agency found the man responsible had fantasized for years about serial killings, murder-suicide and mass shootings.

On Monday, the FBI said that the shooter, Connor Betts, never shared any details with family members or friends about these fantasies he was having. The FBI said that’s why it’s ultra-important for people to pay attention to even subtle changes that may be happening to an individual.

The FBI submitted a summary of the report, which said that “bystander fatigue” may be why people didn’t report Betts to any authority before the shooting occurred on August 4, 2019.

The FBI said that term is used “to describe the passivity, inaction or inattention to concerning behavior observed by individuals who have a close, interpersonal relationship to a person of concern due to their prolonged exposure to the person’s erratic or otherwise troubling behavior over time.”

Police killed Betts, who was 24 years old, only 30 seconds after he started firing in the Oregon District in Dayton’s entertainment area. He was armed with an extended ammunition magazine for a rifle that was like an AR-15.

In the attack, Betts murdered nine people, which included his sister. He also wounded a few dozen more people. The FBI report didn’t mention whether Betts had ever intended to murder his sister Megan, or whether her shooting was an inadvertent act.

Following the shooting, some former high school classmates of Betts said he was suspended while in school after creating a “hit list” of some students at the school he wanted to do harm to. Other students also said he had a list of female students who he wanted to commit a sexual assault on.

Investigators with law enforcement said early on that the suspect had a “history of obsession with violent ideations with mass shootings and expressed a desire to commit a mass shooting.” The FBI even said its investigation uncovered that Betts had “looked into violent ideologies.”

One of Betts’ friends said to investigators that he had purchased a magazine with 100 rounds, body armor and a part for his gun for Betts. Investigators eventually determined, though, that the friend — Ethan Kollie — didn’t have any knowledge of what Betts was planning to do.

Ironically, Kollie eventually spent 2.5 years in prison after he plead guilty to firearms charges that were unrelated to this case.

Four of the victims’ family members sued Kyung Chang Industry USA Inc. in August. The company made the magazine that Betts used as part of the shooting.

The families claimed in their suits that the device the company produces doesn’t serve any purpose other than to allow shooters to kill as many people as they possibly can in a short amount of time.

Because he used the magazine that company produced, Betts fired off 41 rounds in only 32 seconds.