FBI “Evidence” Taken From Rudy Giuliani’s Home Revealed

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Some 18 electronic devices belonging to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani were seized last month in a raid of his Manhattan home and office. The revelation came from a new court filing which contained an April 29 letter that had previously been made public with a number of redactions.

The latest court filing, however, had significantly fewer redacts and showed just how far federal agents went in their incredible (and arguably unjustified) investigation into the former personal attorney to President Donald Trump.

The filing also showed that prosecutors obtained electronic devices that belonged to several people who worked for Giuliani Partners, his law firm.

Giuliani had previously said that roughly eight electronic devices were taken to the best of his knowledge when FBI agents raided his home. His lawyer, Robert Costello, also said that a laptop belonging to Giuliani’s personal assistant was also taken.

Also according to the filing, federal agents have approved the downloading of all documents and data from 11 devices belonging to Giuliani, with the rest being password protected and inaccessible. The government has reportedly requested that Giuliani cooperates in providing passwords to unlock them.

It was recently revealed the Giuliani’s Apple iCloud account was accessed by federal agents in 2019.

Giuliani’s lawyers slammed the federal agencies for illegally accessing his accounts and files.

His attorneys said in a letter to a Manhattan federal judge criticizing the raids that took place in April, and suggesting that authorities are treating the former NYC mayor like he is the head of a drug cartel or engaged in terrorist activity.

Giuliani’s lawyers are now looking for the court to unseal affidavits that were used to support the warrants that were used to raid his home, but with President Joe Biden in charge, it doesn’t seem too likely.

Why, exactly, are the authorities so obsessed with Rudy Giuliani’s alleged business deals in Ukraine when the president’s son has a much more concerning relationship with the country?