FBI Agents Who Flagged Hunter Biden Are Democrat Donors

According to the Washington Free Beacon, two FBI officials who briefed Facebook before it decided to conceal news about Hunter Biden’s laptop were 2020 Democrat contributors.
According to campaign finance reports, the leaders of the Foreign Influence Task Force section Laura Dehmlow and the FBI’s San Francisco cyber division Elvis Chan gave the Democrat senators for Georgia, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, donations of $60and $50, respectively.
According to a court document made public by the Missouri Attorney General’s office on Monday, Dehmlow and Chan were both involved in discussions between the FBI and Facebook before the social media platform decided to censor reports about First Son Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and its contents.
Reports show that Facebook named Dehmlow and Chan in response to a request for information about all interactions and communications with officials in the Biden administration, but it made no mention of the specifics of their communications.
The FBI had informed Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, and his business about “Russian disinformation” before the Hunter Biden laptop story became public, as he said in August. According to information from anonymous intelligence community members, Twitter also edited reports about the laptop.
Later, Jack Dorsey, the platform’s creator, admitted regretting his choice. Reports show Chan has stated publicly that he was very involved in helping to protect the U.S. elections in 2020 and had meetings with tech and social media companies weekly to share intelligence on “unusual” activity on their platforms.
Dorsey refused to reveal the identities of those who advised him and his company to censor the story as Russian disinformation.

According to reports, numerous journalists and government figures have demanded probes into political bias in the intelligence communities and the prosecution of individuals in charge of the misinformation campaign around Hunter Biden’s laptop.

When media outlets contacted the FBI and Facebook, they declined to comment. That’s why genuine whistleblowers are essential. Without them, sometimes we don’t have the complete story.