Facebook Finally To Be Held Accountable In New Court Battle

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Social media giant Facebook is looking down the barrel of yet another lawsuit from the federal government, as the company maintains its monopolistic control over personal social networking services and advertising.

A lawsuit filed In December of 2020 by the Federal Trade Commission alleged at the time that Facebook constituted an illegal monopoly, given that virtually all social media advertising was pushed through its platform. The FTC argued that the company should be broken up to prevent anti-competitive behavior, but in the summer of last year, the United States District Court for THE District of Columbia ruled that the FTC was unable to prove that Facebook was a monopoly.

In June of 2021, Judge James Boasberg said that the FRC “failed to plead enough facts to plausibly establish that Facebook has monopoly power in the market for Personal Social Networking (PSN) services.”

A motion to dismiss from Facebook’s attorneys was granted by the judge, but not with prejudice. It meant that the FTC could come back with a new and amended complaint – and they did.

Once again, Facebook argued for the case to be dismissed, but Judge Boasberg rejected the motion this time, arguing that the FTC had put forward “significant additions and revisions aimed at addressing the shortcomings identified in the Court’s prior Opinion.”

The judge said that the core theory behind the lawsuit is the same as last time, but that the facts presented this time fortify that theory in a more robust and detailed way – particularly with regards to the accusation that Facebook is a monopoly.

So, the lawsuit is back. Judge Boasberg suggested that the government “may well face a tall task” in proving their allegations, but that whether or not the case prevails at summary judgment and trial is “anyone’s guess.”

This could be it – the moment that the government does something important to break up social media in a way that benefits the American people. The question is…will President Joe Biden step in on the matter, knowing just how much his party benefits from left-wing Facebook and other social media platforms operating a monopoly in the social media market?