Facebook Engineers Have No Clue Where Your Data Is Stored

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Unsealed court transcripts from a case back in March reveal that Facebook engineers cannot answer where user data is stored, according to Breitbart. The hearing was headed by special master Daniel Garrie who was tasked with resolving a disclosure matter. He attempted to get a definitive answer on where the company’s user data could be stored across their 55 subsystems. Apparently, not even engineers could answer that question.

Transcripts showed that the engineers did not know what user data was stored and did not know where it could be located.

“I’m just trying to understand at the most basic level from this list what we’re looking at,” Garrie said.

“I don’t believe there’s a single person that exists who could answer that question. It would take a significant team effort to even be able to answer that question,” Facebook engineering director Eugene Zarashaw responded.

“It would take multiple teams on the ad side to track down exactly the—where the data flows. I would be surprised if there’s even a single person that can answer that narrow question conclusively,” he continued.

Garrie was somewhat in shock that there was no knowledge of where the data was stored, saying that there must be some “diagram” that shows them. Zarashaw told him that their engineering culture was “strange” compared to others. “Effectively the code is its own design document often,” he said, adding that “For what it’s worth, this is terrifying to me when I first joined as well.”

A suit was brought against Facebook when a U.K.-based data firm, Cambridge Analytica was allegedly improperly using Facebook data to build psychographic profiles around its users. The company has since proposed to settle the matter but the litigation is now focusing on where this data is located since the court ordered Facebook to turn over data relating to the plaintiffs. Although the company complied, they provided the court with information that anyone can download on their own through the publicly accessible “Download Your Information” tool.