EXPOSED: Amazon Working with Extremist Far-Left Group SPLC

( A report from the National Center for Public Policy Research has revealed how the online retail giant is working with extremist far-left hate group Southern Poverty Law Center through its AmazonSmile customer program.

The think tank reported how their investigations revealed how charitable funding is being given to the hate group, meaning conservatives who use the online retail platform are inadvertently funding an organization that calls millions of Trump supporters racist and actively works to undermine Republicans.

NCPPR also revealed how Amazon has allowed the Southern Poverty Law Center to act as a “gatekeeper” for the program, meaning Amazon customers are denied the chance to give money to conservative organizations through the Smile programs. Planned Parenthood, the SPLC, and other left-wing hate groups remain eligible to access the funds. The report claims that the SPLC is the 33rd largest recipient of AmazonSmile charity funds.

“The National Center for Public Policy Research reviewed AmazonSmile’s last filed 990 form, which is a disclosure document required of all charitable organizations,” the report says. “In fiscal 2018, AmazonSmile delivered some $44 million to nonprofits, by allowing customers to earmark ½ of 1% of their purchases to these groups. This makes them one of the largest grantors of such funds in America.”

Since 2017, the SPLC has controlled where AmazonSmile funds are directed, and their controversial “hate list” determines which organizations cannot receive the money. This is a list that the SPLC themselves admit is designed to “inflict economic discrimination and censorship on organizations they put on the list,” according to the NCPPR.

The report also outlined how in 2016, the SPLC was forced to pay $3.4 million to a British Muslim political journalist and commentator Maajid Nawaz after they put him on their “hate list” and labeled him an “anti-Muslim” extremist. The characterization made no sense as Nawaz himself, a former Muslim extremist, is still a Muslim. However, the fact that Nawaz is willing to call out extremists within his own religion was enough for the SPLC to put him on their hate list.

The idea, therefore, that Amazon would use this list to deny charitable funds to organizations that could do some good is particularly shocking.

A petition to get Amazon to change their ways can be found here.