Ex Clinton Adviser Says Big Tech Censorship Now Leading To Self-Censorship

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Naomi Wolf, a journalist and former advisor to President Bill Clinton, is one of the few Democrats who is growing concerned over Big Tech censorship.

Wolf, who was banned by Twitter in June for supposedly tweeting “misinformation” about the COVID-19 vaccines, said that Big Tech censorship is leading to a wave of self-censorship. Which, in reality, is probably the point. Social media and the Democrats want Americans to self-censor. And what better way to control what people say online than to start banning people for what they say online?

Wolf was locked out of Twitter, not for stating an opinion, but for sharing primary source material that went against the official narrative. She posted a video of her husband reading the resume of a US government-funded researcher named Dr. Ralph Baric. Baric received funding from the government to conduct gain of function research.

Wolf was then banned from Twitter after she posted a press release from Oregon Senator Kim Thatcher’s bill banning vaccine passports and mask mandates.

In an interview with the Epoch Times, Wolf said that when tech companies start silencing people who are providing source material related to major news stories, “that’s like not America anymore.”

Wolf is among those who have joined former President Donald Trump’s class-action lawsuit against Big Tech companies. In her interview, Wolf told the Epoch Times that she did nothing against Twitter’s terms of service by sharing first-hand source material, adding that Twitter claiming she was spreading misinformation is damaging to her career as a journalist.

This climate of self-censorship spurred on by Big Tech purges is, to Wolf, reminiscent of emerging totalitarian societies.

Wolf said other journalists have reached out to her and said her Twitter ban has had a “chilling effect” on them. When she asked if they could speak out in her defense, they told her they couldn’t out of fear that they too would be de-platformed.

Wolf argues that in America, “there is no policeman telling you what feelings are appropriate or not appropriate.” While she acknowledges that social media companies are private platforms that can do what they want, Wolf argues that now the government is colluding with tech companies to do the bidding of government and “target their enemies or their critics” in order to chill debate.