Even DEMOCRATS Are Terrified Of Mail-In Voting Chaos In Pennsylvania

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(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Congressional Democrats might want you to think that they are fully behind implementing universal mail-in voting for the November election, but it’s not true. According to Politico, Pennsylvania Democrats are “very worried” about the prospect of vote-by-mail in November citing their negative experiences of the primary process in June.

Politico reports that Democratic Governor Tom Wolf met with other Democrat politicians recently to discuss the possibility of reforming the election process. Wolf and his colleagues also discussed what could be done to counter allegations of corruption or malfeasance. The most shocking part of the report, however, said that Governor Wolf and his colleagues determined that it would be possible the results of November presidential election in Pennsylvania would not be confirmed and verified until weeks after polling day.

Given Pennsylvania is a swing state, it could mean that the results of the election are not known until the end of November or even December.

Pennsylvania experienced total chaos in June during the primary election. No-excuse absentee voting was implemented owing to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and meant voters could all apply for an absentee ballot without having to have a qualifying excuse. It was a first for Pennsylvania and meant some 1.4 million people applied to vote by mail. The outcome of the election was delayed by several weeks, and there’s no reason why it won’t happen again if implemented for the presidential election.

Lawmakers and other Democrat officials in Pennsylvania are now panicking and debating ways to speed up the counting process.

Forrest Lehman, the election director for Lycoming County, told NBC that there is great uncertainty on the matter.

“I’ve got a growing list of things that I’d normally do, but I can’t,” Lehman explained. “We don’t know what the rules are.”

As usual, the Republicans are the ones coming up with the solutions. Pennsylvania Republicans in the state legislature have suggested that election officials should be allowed to start opening mail-in ballots and counting them to get a head start before election day, but there is yet to be agreement on the issue between the parties.

When even the Democrats are panicking, you know there’s a problem. But will Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats on the national stage admit it, too?