Even Biden’s Transgender Official Was Worried About Child Surgeries

According to newly obtained emails, a top Biden healthcare official sought justification for performing gender change operations on children while serving as head of a state health agency. The emails were obtained by activist Megan Brock and shared with the media.

Trans Biden Official Sought Justification For Performing Kids’ Sex Changes From Children’s Hospital | The Daily Caller

Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender and the assistant secretary for health at President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), asked in a 2017 email exchange if any scientific literature supported “bottom” surgeries for minors.

Dr. Nadia Dowshen of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia responded that she was unaware of any relevant literature. Dowshen claimed she was aware that they discussed the possibility of gender confirmation surgery for individuals under 18 at US PATH.

This could include top surgery for transgender young men and top and bottom surgery for transgender young women, according to a May 4, 2017, email exchange. Levine asked if there was any supporting literature for this protocol. Dowshen responded that she was unaware of existing literature. Dowshen claimed they performed chest surgery on more than ten patients under 18 and as young as 15.

One bottom surgery on a 17-year-old. She noted they were attempting to work with HUP and Drs. Rumer and McGinn to collect pre-post data on the most common surgeries performed on children under 18.

Brock, a Pennsylvania parent previously involved in activism against school closures, submitted a Right-To-Know request to the Pennsylvania Department of Health in October and received a response on November 18th.

According to reports, Brock stated that she was alarmed by a report that gender clinics were hosting training in Philadelphia schools, which prompted her to submit the RTK request. She found it highly alarming that minors with gender dysphoria are encouraged to make permanent, fertility-ending changes to their bodies.

Credible research indicates that most gender dysphoria cases resolve by the end of adolescence without medical or surgical intervention. Levine was serving as Pennsylvania’s physician general at the time of the exchange and would soon become the state’s secretary of health.

Now, Levine is the first transgender person with a Senate-confirmed position in the Biden administration. Levine has been an ardent proponent of “gender-affirming care,” a euphemism for sex change operations and treatments that manipulate the hormones and physical appearance of people with gender dysphoria.

Biden’s HHS has also endorsed gender changes for children, even though the scientific community is deeply divided over how to treat children with gender dysphoria. The insane are running the asylum.