Europeans Panic Buying Iodine Pills

( As soon as Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed his nuclear weapons bases to be on “high alert” in response to Western sanctions, Europeans began stockpiling iodine tablets in the expectation of a nuclear war.

In Belgium, almost 30,000 people went to pharmacies to receive free iodine bills, which help prevent thyroid cancer when exposed to high levels of radiation. The pills were distributed by the government, according to the Brussels Times, not only after Putin put his weapons on high alert but after the Russian military bombed nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

A report from Bloomberg also revealed how there has been a 100-fold increase in the demand for iodine tablets in Finland, a northern European country that borders Russia.

Pharmacies all over Finland have run out of iodine pills.

And while the pills may help prevent thyroid cancer, there is only so much that they can do. The United States Centers for Disease Control warned that taking potassium iodide often doesn’t offer substantial protection and may even cause severe illness or death.

The pills work by filling the thyroid with iodine over a period of 24 hours, stopping the absorption of radioactive materials absorbed via food, water, or the air.

The 24-hour protection from the iodine pills may give people time to find safe shelter, but over time, it is unsustainable to continue taking the medication.

When this many people are scared of a nuclear war, perhaps it’s time for the U.S. federal government to take this threat a little more seriously.