Emergency Meeting Called Over Kamala Harris

(PresidentialInsider.com)- It was recently revealed that Kamala Harris’ new communications director had made some critical remarks about illegal immigration from his Twitter account back in 2012.

After the tweets came to light and angry open-borders activists began demanding his resignation, Jamal Simmons was forced to offer a groveling apology and reaffirm his commitment to so-called “immigration reform” to placate the irate Leftists.

And this week, Simmons took his groveling apology tour on the road.

It was reported on Monday that Simmons would meet with Hispanic lawmakers to explain his past tweets in hopes of smoothing things over between them and the embattled Vice President’s office.

According to CBS News, Simmons was scheduled for a “mutually agreed-upon” virtual guest appearance on Thursday during the regularly-scheduled meeting of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

One member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, however, didn’t want anything to do with Simmons.

California Democrat Congressman Lou Correa said on Monday that he wouldn’t attend the meeting with Simmons. He told The Hill that he was deeply concerned that Simmons’ old tweets reveal “his true disposition” toward immigration and said a meeting with Simmons wasn’t going to change his mind or give him any peace of mind “one way or the other.”

Just one day after he began his job in the Veep’s office, old tweets resurfaced in which Simmons called for the deportation of immigration activists who revealed on MSNBC that they were illegal aliens.

After his groveling Twitter apology, Simmons had privately discussed his old tweets with some members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, assuring them that the tweets were not representative of his position on immigration. He claimed his tweets were poorly worded and what he was trying to convey was the danger “undocumented activists” were putting themselves in by publicly admitting they were illegal.

Yeah, right.

For his part, Congressman Correa, who is a vocal supporter for so-called “immigration reform,” said he’d rather see action on immigration reform than discuss ten-year-old tweets from Simmons.