Elon Musk Shocked After Project Veritas Findings

(PresidentialInsider.com)- While Elon Musk’s current dispute with Twitter over the number of actual accounts vs. spam accounts on the platform continues, a recent Project Veritas exposé showing employees discussing Twitter’s polarizing political culture was also brought to the Tesla CEO’s attention.

“Is this legit?” he asked in response to a repost by journalist Benny Johnson.

Musk shared the Project Veritas scoop with his 93.7 million Twitter followers.

Jon Levine of the New York Post told the billionaire, “The people who produced this video are currently banned from Twitter,”

“You’re d*** right it is,” Project Veritas replied to Musk via Telegram.

Project Veritas revealed on Monday that Twitter senior engineer Siru Murugesan admitted on camera that the company culture is “commie as f***” and that the platform’s moderation policies are ideologically biased against right-wing accounts.

Murugesan also mentioned inflammatory reactions from far-left Twitter employees who attempted to protest Elon Musk’s involvement. Since the news broke, the hashtag “#TwitterExposed” has been trending on Twitter.

The senior engineer at the center of the story on Monday has since deleted his Twitter account. Project Veritas also revealed response emails from Twitter’s corporate security department on Tuesday afternoon, warning their employees, “Project Veritas, for example, is currently active. These organizations employ social engineering techniques to gain access to employees and obtain videos and recordings of employees discussing internal company matters, which they then selectively edit to misrepresent conversations to advance their political-ideological agendas.”

Project Veritas also stated that a follow-up to their exposé would be forthcoming.

Musk tweeted early Tuesday morning that the Twitter buyout deal cannot proceed until CEO Parag Agrawal backs up the company’s claims that the platform’s spam bot population is less than 5%.

Musk had been on the All-In podcast the day before. Elon’s concerns about inauthentic accounts on Twitter were brought up.

Musk said that you’d see more than 95% of real unique humans making comments on Twitter daily. That is exactly what they claim.

Musk asked, “Has anyone had a similar experience?”

The question was met with laughter by the majority of the audience. After being a self-described lifelong Democrat voter, the Tesla CEO also told the show that he would be voting Republican for the first time in the upcoming elections.