Elon Musk Deletes Tweets Criticizing Twitter

(PresidentialInsider.com)- After Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchased a 9.2% share in Twitter last week, the billionaire investor and serial entrepreneur appeared to delete a number of tweets in which he criticized the social media platform. Some of the tweets had even been made after he announced his investment in Twitter.

The left thinks it’s a big story, but the truth is that he made a decision that seems appropriate given that he now represents the company. Why wouldn’t he delete unnecessary comments about a company he owns the largest share of?

Anyway, it looks as though the press managed to get hold of some of these tweets.

Many of them included suggestions on how Twitter could improve itself or even turn around its economic troubles. In one tweet, he asked his 81 million followers whether they believe Twitter should turn its San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter.

An incredible move, by the way. He knows that will push some buttons as Democrats in California don’t seem to want to do anything about the homelessness problem they created.

In another deleted tweet, Musk suggested that everybody who pays $3 per month for the “Twitter Blue” service should be given a verification mark.

“Everyone who signs up for Twitter Blue (ie pays $3/month) should get an authentication checkmark,” Musk said in the tweet. “And no ads. The power of corporations to dictate policy is greatly enhanced if Twitter depends on advertising money to survive.”

Not only is he threatening their luxury offices but now he’s threatening to give normal Americans the much-sought-after “Blue Checkmark.”

It’s no wonder the left is losing their collective mind about Musk investing in Twitter…