Elizabeth Warren, Who Slammed Big Fundraisers, Raises Big Funds for Biden

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Senator Elizabeth Warren, the failed presidential candidate and pretend Native American, has raised millions of dollars for Joe Biden’s presidential run. This, despite the fact that she has previously slammed big fundraisers and called Biden a “big risk” for the Democrats.

Warren, who is one of the most “progressive” and ultra-leftist candidates the Democratic Party has ever seen, has pulled in more money for Joe Biden than any other failed candidate. So far, Warren has raised $7.7 million for Biden, with $6 million of that cash coming from a single fundraiser in June.

Politico reports that Warren has also been using her resources to raise money and support for Biden, sending emails to her list of smaller donors. It seems that despite her concerns about Biden, Warren is all in on supporting him for November’s run. Suddenly, this ultra-progressive candidate is absolutely fine supporting a candidate who only recently said that black people do not have diversity of thought or attitude like Latino people do.

Warren also slammed big fundraisers during the primary races. She did the same thing as Senator Bernie Sanders, focusing on her small donors and taking aim at other candidates for raising big money from millionaires. She particularly went after Pete Buttigieg, the former Mayor who was briefly considered a serious candidate in the Democratic race. Warren attacked Buttigieg for doing exactly the same thing that she is now doing for Biden, and which she did as recently as 2018.

Does Warren think we’ve forgotten about the fancy event she held at a winery for her big donors?

Oh, and then there’s this clip from October 2019. Reporters asked Warren if her VP pick would avoid high-dollar fundraisers, and she completely avoided the question.

Is Warren the biggest hypocrite in politics?

Warren is still considered one of the biggest contenders to become Joe Biden’s VP candidate, even though the campaign is being pressured to choose a black woman. If Warren makes it, her claim to be a Native American will probably help her with some diversity points. The fact that she’s pulling in big money for Biden means she’s owed something, too.

Hey, if she doesn’t get the VP pick, she’ll presumably get something else. Why else would she be going out of her way to help a candidate she told Americans she was better than?