Eli Manning Accidentally Injures Himself

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning decided to try his hand at the Giants’ conditioning test this week and found out the hard way that he isn’t the young athlete he used to be.

Manning, who retired two seasons ago, apparently suffered an injury to his hamstring while attempting to do “10 half gassers” in 18 seconds. A “half gasser” consists of running sideline-to-sideline and back again. But Manning didn’t make it.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the 41-year-old Manning said he pulled his hamstring before he made it to nine, adding “what was I thinking? Moron!!”

During his 16 seasons with the Giants, Manning never missed a game due to injury, though he did come close to missing a game at least three times.

His 210 consecutive starts remain the third-longest streak for any quarterback in NFL history.

Eli Manning has regularly credited his healthy diet and core-focused workout routine for his career longevity. But two years away from the game seems to have taken its toll on the Super Bowl-winning star quarterback.

Then again, Time comes for all of us, Eli.

Just kick back and enjoy your retirement.